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    Does Obamacare Cover People with Pre-Existing Conditions? – YES

    Can Children up to Age 26 Remain on Their Parent’s Health Insurance? – YES

    Does Obamacare Eliminate Lifetime or Annual Limits on Insurance Coverage? – YES

    Does Obamacare Require Insurers to Offer Coverage for Treatment of Mental Illness? – YES

    Does Obamacare Require Coverage for Treatment of Mental Illness? – YES

    Are Individuals Currently Covered by Veterans' Health Benefits Considered Covered under Obamacare? – YES

    Does Obamacare Require Dental Coverage for Children? – YES

    Does Obamacare Allow Health Insurance Plans to Cover Alternative Medicine? – YES

    Does Obamacare Require Insurance Plans to Have a Minimum Basic Coverage Level? – YES

    Does Obamacare Apply to Health Plans Offered by Colleges and Universities? – YES

    Does Obamacare Allow Individuals to Appeal Medical Service Denials? – YES

    Has Obamacare Resulted in More People Overall with Health Insurance (Including Medicaid Recipients)? – YES

    Does Obamacare Require Health Insurers to Present Health Insurance Information in Clear and Easily Understandable Terms? – YES

    Did Obamacare Allow Everyone to Keep Their Insurance Coverage – NO

    Under Obamacare, Can Insurance Companies Cancel Coverage If a Person Gets Sick? – NO

    Does Obamacare Require That Retiree Health Plans Cover Children up to Age 26? – NO

    Does Obamacare Require Dental Coverage for Adults? – NO

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