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Archived Obamacare Questions

On Oct. 16, 2012 published its 128-page white paper titled “Obamacare: A Nonpartisan Review of What It Is and What It Is Not.” Over the next week, our website was updated to reflect the most current questions, responses, and facts from the white paper. Our older questions have been archived, many of which contained responses and facts about Obamacare prior to its passage in Mar. 2010. For some people, the historical significance of that information is relevant which is why we have retained links to those older questions in the presentation below.

  1. Can federal funds be used for abortion services?
  2. Will people no longer be at risk of medical bankruptcy?
  3. Does Obamacare limit health care coverage for Congress?
  4. Is Obamacare constitutional?
  5. Will I pay less for health insurance and medical care?
  6. Will the government help me if I cannot afford mandatory health insurance?
  7. Will the cost to fund public health programs such as Medicare and Medicaid decrease?
  8. Will the health care reform laws decrease the federal deficit?
  9. Will fewer people rely on emergency rooms for health care?
  10. Are all employers required to provide health insurance?
  11. Is Obamacare financially burdensome for businesses?
  12. Do the health care reform laws set up “death panels”?
  13. Will the health insurance exchanges benefit consumers?
  14. Are there penalties for not having health insurance?
  15. Are there any exemptions to the mandatory health insurance requirement?
  16. Are undocumented immigrants covered in Obamacare?
  17. Can I keep my current coverage?
  18. Can I get coverage for my child with a pre-existing condition?
  19. Can my current insurance cancel my coverage if I get sick?
  20. Can I get coverage despite having a pre-existing condition?
  21. Can children up to age 26 remain on their parent’s health insurance?
  22. Will lifetime or annual limits on coverage be eliminated?
  23. Does Obamacare encourage health insurance competition?
  24. Does Obamacare restrict insurance companies’ profits?
  25. Are insurance companies still exempt from federal anti-trust laws?
  26. Will Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part D benefits increase?
  27. Will more people be eligible for Medicaid?
  28. Will the quality of care from public health programs such as Medicare and Medicaid improve?
  29. Will Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) benefits increase?
  30. Will there be enough primary care physicians to meet the increased health care demand following passage of the PPACA?
  31. Will physicians’ reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid increase?
  32. Will physicians be required to accept all Medicare patients?
  33. Is preventive care covered?
  34. Are the 2010 health care reform laws socialist?
  35. Will Obamacare lower taxes?
  36. Should the health care bill have overhauled medical malpractice?
  37. Would medical malpractice reform (tort reform) significantly reduce the cost of health care?
  38. Does Obamacare Do a Good Thing and Save $716 Billion in Medicare Expenses (Pro Side) or Do a Bad Thing and Cut $716 Billion from Medicare (Con Side)?
  39. Will Obamacare Result in Fewer People with Health Care Insurance?
  40. Will Obamacare’s Cuts to Medicare Reduce Benefits for Part A (Hospital Care), Part B (Outpatient Care), and Medicare Advantage Part C?
  41. Will Obamacare’s Cuts to Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) Lead to a Decrease in Patient Benefits?
  42. Will the Quality of Care from Public Health Programs Such as Medicare and Medicaid Improve?
  43. Does Obamacare Create Uncertainty for Businesses?