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John Ligon, MA, MPA Biography

Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Data Analysis, Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity at the Heritage Foundation
Con to the question "Is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Good for America?"

“Congress should repeal this massive statute, start over, and get health care reform right…

Obamacare will increase the Medicare payroll tax and estabish a new Medicare non-payroll (‘investment’) tax. This tax will apply perversely on ‘flow through income’ – thus reaching a significant share of small businesses. Moreover, the wage thresholds on this tax increase are not indexed to inflation, and, consequently, will push more small business owners into this higher tax group. The Medicare ‘investment’ tax will also lead to greater deterrence on investment – and passive income – which will suppress economic growth.

Businesses will not take much comfort from the passage of this ‘historic’ health care bill. The President and many lawmakers in Washington are consistently proposing and passing legislation that hurts these businesses, and Obamacare is one more example…

The intended consequences of this poorly constructed bill are harmful enough, but the many unintended consequences are even worse.”

“Obamacare: Impact on Businesses,”, Apr. 27, 2010

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Data Analysis, Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity, Heritage Foundation
  • Research Assistant, Heritage Foundation, Sep. 2009-Oct. 2009
  • Graduate Assistant, Center for Policy and Research, Syracuse University, Aug. 2008-May 2009
  • Program Analyst Intern, United States Agency for International Development, June 2008-Aug. 2008
  • Volunteer, United States Peace Corps, Mar. 2005-May 2007
  • MA, Economics, Syracuse University, 2009
  • MPA, Syracuse University, 2009
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Health Management and Policy, Syracuse University, 2009
  • BA, Economics, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, 2004
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