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Senior Fellow and Director of Health and Welfare Studies at the Cato Institute
Con to the question "Is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Good for America?"

“The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act represents the most significant transformation of the American health care system since Medicare and Medicaid…

– While the new law will increase the number of Americans with insurance coverage, it falls significantly short of universal coverage. By 2019, roughly 21 million Americans will still be uninsured.

– The legislation will cost far more than advertised, more than $2.7 trillion over 10 years of full implementation, and will add $352 billion to the national debt over that period.

– Most American workers and businesses will see little or no change in their skyrocketing insurance costs, while millions of others, including younger and healthier workers and those who buy insurance on their own through the non-group market will actually see their premiums go up faster as a result of this legislation.

– The new law will increase taxes by more than $669 billion between now and 2019, and the burdens it places on business will significantly reduce economic growth and employment.

– While the law contains few direct provisions for rationing care, it nonetheless sets the stage for government rationing and interference with how doctors practice medicine.

– Millions of Americans who are happy with their current health insurance will not be able to keep it.

In short, the more we learn about what is in this new law, the more it looks like bad news for American taxpayers, businesses, health-care providers, and patients.”

“Bad Medicine: A Guide to the Real Costs and Consequences of the New Health Care Law,”, July 12, 2010

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