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Pro to the question "Is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Good for America?"

“As if Congress didn’t already have enough to do next year on jobs and taxes, incoming Republican leaders have made repeal of the new health reform law one of their top priorities.

What a monumental waste of time and energy…

From a substantive standpoint, repeal would take the nation back to an unacceptable status quo.

[S]ome 50 million people in America – one of every six – have no health insurance. Many suffer without care, or go to emergency rooms for expensive treatment that everyone else pays for through higher premiums or taxes.

People who do have insurance can lose it when they lose a job, or have their policies canceled at the whim of insurance companies. Others are bankrupted when treatment for cancer or another serious illness costs more than their lifetime limit.

The new law takes a big step toward addressing these and other problems…”

“Our View on Medical Reform: Don’t Try to Repeal the New Health Care Law, Improve It,”, Nov. 7, 2010


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“USA TODAY: Brand,” (accessed Feb. 8, 2011)


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