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WellPoint Institute of Health Care Reform Biography

Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Good for America?"

“No one argues about the need to curb the high and continually rising cost of health care in America. The disagreement comes when we begin talking about what approach should be taken to do so. In the on-going debate over how to make health care more affordable, a litany of solutions are offered. Primary among them is the assertion that there are substantial dollars to be saved by reducing what are touted as excessive health insurance company profits. This is a popular position that many find easy to support both for its potential to provide a “quick hit” for reducing costs and for its perceived defense of the everyday American against profit-driven Corporate America. An objective review of the facts, however, makes clear that health insurers are already operating with some of the lowest profit margins in the health care sector and there is little opportunity to gain any cost savings in this area.”

“The Facts About Health Insurer Profits,”, Nov. 2009


“The WellPoint Institute of Health Care Knowledge is a web-based publishing clearinghouse for health related research conducted by WellPoint and its subsidiary companies. The Institute regularly releases educational information in the form of reports, white papers and research summaries…”

“The Facts About Health Insurer Profits,”, Nov. 2009


“[E]nhancing health care quality and value by providing facts and information to support informed health care decision-making.”

“The Facts About Health Insurer Profits,”, Nov. 2009

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